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The Frederick Lee Lectures: Celebrating Madison Women and Girls

Presenters: Doe Boyle and Bob Gundersen

At the first presentation on January 14, MHS board members Doe Boyle and Bob Gundersen will tell the stories of two fascinating Madison women featured in the society’s recent publication, Madison’s Treasures. Both professionally accomplished in their chosen careers, each woman was also committed to preserving the character of Madison, and each in her own way contributed to the growth and charm of the town. Grace Miner Lippincott (1879-1975) was a prolific poet with six published books, more than 1100 published poems, and ten anthologies. She celebrated Madison’s citizens, the joys of small-town life, and the natural beauty of the shoreline in her works.

Mila Elisabeth Rindge (1915-2005), born and raised in Madison, was the town’s first female doctor. Her father, Dr. Milo Pember Rindge, was so beloved that a parade and dinner were held in his honor when he retired. Following in her father’s footsteps, Mila pursued a career in medicine. In one of her diaries owned by the MHS,  she writes of her professional struggles to be taken seriously at a time when only 5 percent of physicians were women. She worked alongside her father for several years in private practice before distinguishing herself as the state epidemiologist and later as medical director.

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First Congregational Church-Hubley Hall

Built in the Federal style in 1838 the First Congregational Church is located on the historic green in downtown Madison. The Angela Hubley Hall is the church’s largest meeting space.

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